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Embedding Netherlands3D on Your Website

You can easily embed Netherlands3D on your own website using an iframe. This allows you to showcase the 3D representation of the Netherlands directly within your web pages. You can also customize the location and features displayed using a query string.

Using an Iframe

To embed Netherlands3D with Rijksdriehoekformaat (EPSG:28992) coordinates, use the following HTML code snippet. Replace the src attribute value with the URL of the Netherlands3D digital twin you'd like to embed:

  • src: Set this attribute to the URL of the Netherlands3D digital twin. You can customize the location and features using the query string.

  • width and height: Adjust these attributes to define the dimensions of the iframe on your webpage. Make sure the width fits your design, and the height provides an optimal viewing experience.

  • frameborder: Set this attribute to "0" to remove the iframe border.

Configuring Location and Features

You can customize the location and features displayed in your embedded Netherlands3D using a query string. In the query string, the origin parameter should follow the format origin=X,Y,elevation, where X and Y is the position of the camera in Rijksdriehoekformaat (EPSG:28992) coordinates and elevation is the desired viewing elevation.

Here's an example URL with a query string for your reference:,503050,300&features=terrain,buildings,trees,sun
  • origin: This parameter sets the initial view location in the Rijksdriehoekformaat (EPSG:28992) coordinate system. It follows the format origin=X,Y,elevation, where elevation is a value between 0 and 1400.

  • features: Use this parameter to specify which features to display in the digital twin. You can include multiple features, separated by commas.

Using the Setup Wizard

For an even easier way to generate the query string with the desired configuration, you can visit the Netherlands3D Setup Wizard ( This interactive tool allows you to select the location, features, and other options, and it generates the corresponding query string for your iframe.

Once you have the query string, insert it into the src attribute of your iframe code, and you'll have a fully customized embedded Netherlands3D digital twin on your website.