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Text Field



"Text Fields" in the Netherlands3D platform allow users to input or modify text information. They can be used singularly or in combination with other components like a Slider or Form Label in the Properties block. They're an essential part of Netherlands3D's user interface, providing users with interactive fields to enter or manipulate various properties.


The Text Field component comprises two main parts:

  1. Form Label: The descriptive text associated with the Text Field, explaining what value is being manipulated. This is a reusable part and can be shared with other components like the Slider.

  2. Form Field: It serves as the component for user text input or changing text information. It is styled to account for different states like Idle, Focus, Pressing, and Read-Only.



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  1. Form Label: Positioned above or adjacent to the Form Field, providing a textual description of the information required or displayed.

  2. Form Field: The interactive text input area where users can enter or modify data. It transitions between various states (Idle, Focus, Pressed, Read-only) to visually communicate its current mode of interaction.

Design Principles

  • Clarity: Labels are clear and informative, ensuring users understand what information is required.

  • Feedback: Built-in states (Idle, Focused, Pressed, and Read-Only) provide immediate visual feedback to users, aiding an interactive experience.


The Text Field is modeled using Unity prefabs and scripting, offering dynamic interaction within the user interface, allowing for adaptive properties adjustment based on user input.

Adding a Text Field to Your Scene

  • Prefab Placement: Locate the Text Field prefab in the project's asset directory. Drag and drop the prefab into your scene where you need the Text Field component to appear.

Configuring the Text Field

You can utilize the Unity Editor to add listener functions that get triggered on text value change events, enabling you to manipulate and use the user-input text as per application needs.