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Keeping Our Documentation Current

Important Note: While we strive to maintain this documentation as the definitive guide to our UI design system, the realm of digital development is one of constant evolution. To accommodate this, we ensure that the most up-to-date design resources and UI guidelines are housed in an internal Figma board. This board is regularly updated to reflect the latest design decisions, component updates, and UI patterns adopted by our team.

Accessing the Latest Information

For the most current design specifications and UI elements, we encourage team members to refer to our internal Figma board. This resource is designed to be a living document, offering real-time updates and insights into our UI design strategy.

Requesting Documentation Updates

We understand that despite our best efforts, there may be instances where this documentation does not fully capture the latest UI developments or design nuances. In such cases, we welcome requests for documentation updates.

By fostering a culture of continuous improvement and open communication, we aim to ensure that our UI design system supports the dynamic needs of our project and team. Whether you're a developer, a designer, or a project stakeholder, your contributions and feedback are invaluable to the ongoing refinement of Netherlands3D.